BARCELONA – Another late night in Spain. I’m using Fanta as my coffee. I think I broke the single-serving coffee machine in our apartment.

I hear kids going wild at what must be their recess.
#kvpspain : Visiting the Port of #barcelona
We made it to the Port of Barcelona yesterday. We mingled with tourists and locals by the bay. I loved being near the Mediterranean.

We lingered by Baritimo inside the mega mall. It had a lovely patio area over the water. I watched fishing boats return to port. I think that’s when it hit me. Barcelona is not just for Jamon. I promised myself to take advantage of the fresh seafood.

On our first night in Barcelona, we went mad for Jamon Iberico. Every tapas order needed a plate of the fatty sliced meat.

On our next night inside Barri Gothic, barnacles and clams dazzled our palates.

razor clams @ Marisco
This is my first taste of razor clams. I think they grilled them. Next, a drizzle of olive oil. Plus some garlic. It all made my belly happy. The clams tasted meaty, with a fresh briny bite of the sea.

Black Cuttlefish Paella @ Marisco
I also loved the black cuttlefish paella. The bonus: sucking the brains out of the langoustine. Black cuttlefish ink covered Mark’s fingers. The rice tasted smoky, with chunks of clams and fish.

I need to run off my culinary adventures. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, Mark just fixed the coffee machine. Life is good.

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