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Dublin by Night

dublinnight (1).jpg
After Swords – we dropped my bear back at the hotel room….and headed out to Dublin City Centre……it took a damn long time to get there. Apparently, everyone drives in this country. The day before – it took three hours to travel 14 miles – on one extremely crowded highway.

So – despite the nice bus drivers – public transportation into Dublin sucked-ass. It sucked real bad.


Failte go Sord

We stayed at a Travelodge in Swords….real close to the airport and north of the Dublin Town Center.

dublin 001.jpg
It sounded like all the action was going down in Dublin….but Mark and I were stuck in Swords – waiting for his conference call from work.

dublin 011.jpg
When I went scavenging for stamps – the reception desk pointed us in the direction of this town… doesn’t even show up in our Frommer’s guide. So neat…it was an adventure into Swords and we stumbled upon a castle. Now Andre wants to tell his tale.


Dia duit

dublin 028.jpg
Here are some highlights from our quick trip to Dublin, Ireland…..that’s a stain glass window from a bar in Dublin, Ireland…..

dublin 085.jpg
Andre visits a castle in Dublin, Ireland.

dublin 152.jpg
And we get into a little Christmas cheer on some of the cute streets in Dublin, Ireland.