BARCELONA – We found my favorite tapas spot in the city thanks to Anthony Bourdain. Today, we went back to Quimet & Quimet for lunch and souvenirs.
I loved these mejillones topped with caviar, over crunchy toast and tomato paste.

I know I will have cravings for the seafood tapas at this tiny, standing-room only food spot near the Espanya metro stop. We got lucky with today’s lunch crowd. Only a hand full of people at the bar, sipping cerveza and nibbling on gourmet small bites.

On our first visit, I felt diners pressing into my back, trying to see the display case of ingredients.
Quimet & Quimet

Quimet & Quimet did everything yummy…from the classic flavors of sardines, olives and tomatoes.

And huge slabs of foie gras over toast.
Foie Gras

To some amazing cheese pairings with salmon. I think that’s a Brie-like spread on the bottom.
They also drizzled honey and vinegar on the smoked fish. YUM!!!

Another winning combo : anchovies over cheese.
Anchovies And Cheese @ Quimet & Quimet

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