This is the second Tuesday we went out for another theater production…


We saw: “The Complete History of America – abridged” – with Cub, John and Andrea.

It was entertaining…and I felt relieved it was by three American members of the Reduced Shakespeare Company (“…reducing expectations since 1981”) – at least it didn’t feel like three Brits talking down to Americans…it was more like a “we’re laughing with you…” bit…


The show was funny but at times the men seemed to be trying a little too hard for the laughs…Andrea and I agreed the second half of the show seemed a bit more depressing….

We enjoyed the q/a period…I got the first question in “Who would you vote for in these elections?” Apparently, they didn’t consider this to e a “history” question…they took a quick survey of the crowd:

  • Bush – a little clapping
  • Kerry – a better response
  • Elvis – hands down, he was the favorite

Then the Reduced Shakespeare players dubbed me “vote lady”…’s better than the other title I earned from a stupid fark forum.