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Dinner is served…

dinner 005.jpg

It’s good to have family and friends on Thanksgiving….and it’s sad the Brits don’t have a celebration like Thanksgiving…
dinner 006.jpg

and in the meantime…the bears said they already ate…

dinner 001.jpg
Louie and Andre wanted to check my blog. They wanted to make sure that Mommy was telling their stories right.

dinner 002.jpg
And Andre had some Matrix thing going on….


Sunny Prague

day 2 – continued…
Sunny Prague turned into snowing Prague…by the afternoon…..Louie had my bag to keep him warm…Hello Kitty had Sara.


After coffee – Sara wanted to take us to the Prague Castle….but Mommy and Markie pointed out that Prague Castle was in the other direction….


Louie goes to the Tower of London

101704big 001.jpg
Louie got jealous of Andre’s adventure…so he got his turn on Saturday…I wish people wouldn’t laugh at me when I’m taking pictures of my bears….maybe they’re laughing with me

So…this is his story…in his own words…

101704big 003.jpg
had to shove Andre out of the way….he was eye-ing mommy’s bag again….he’s not the only bear who knows how to have fun in this town.

101704big 005.jpg
mommy and markie and i hopped on the tube and went to the tower of london. mommy said she was there a long time ago. this was markie’s first trip…like me, Louie.


On the street where we live….

This is Regent Street…it’s about a block away from our ground floor flat…

We’re a five minute walk away from Picadilly Circus….My dad reminded me we visited this touristy part of town, more than ten years ago…It looks different…I didn’t remember seeing Virgn Record Stores, Burger King, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut around the Eros statue.


Street performers…

There are many musicians out in Paris. It’s like having a soundtrack follow me on my way to school and on the way back….

At the Chatelet Metro station, I can find a jam session next to the Relay newspaper stand. According to one Medill student, these performers need a license to play inside the station.


The acoustics are awesome inside the Metro walls. It haunts me as I walk off the train. It’s a plesant surprise to hear the music grow louder as I near the exit. Many times, Metro travelers will pause for a bit to watch. I’m not sure it they’re tourists or not.