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Louie got jealous of Andre’s adventure…so he got his turn on Saturday…I wish people wouldn’t laugh at me when I’m taking pictures of my bears….maybe they’re laughing with me

So…this is his story…in his own words…

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had to shove Andre out of the way….he was eye-ing mommy’s bag again….he’s not the only bear who knows how to have fun in this town.

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mommy and markie and i hopped on the tube and went to the tower of london. mommy said she was there a long time ago. this was markie’s first trip…like me, Louie.

this is the tower bridge.

this place is old….and it’s not just one tower…it’s a bunch of towers.

this is Louie and the white tower. i make it look good ’cause we’re both white.

louie took a picture of markie. he likes being the pix as much as me.

doesn’t mommy look happy? i make her look good ’cause we’re both smiling. i don’t like mommy’s bag…andre was right – it’s too small.

lot’s of royal peeps got their heads chopped off here. there’s also a cool place with jewels but we couldn’t take pictures in there.


markie likes to take pix…but when mommy pulled me, Louie, out of the bag for my pix….markie ended up walking away from the camera and mommie.

mommie muttered that the guard rolled his eyes when she started taking pix of us. maybe he was jealous of me, Louie.

later in the afternoon, they did a changing of the guard.


after we went through the white tower….i hanged out with some guards. they said it was a rough life…not moving…not having anybody to cuddle….tough….that’s why they’re guards.

i also browsed through some fine literature in the gift shop.

i had a chat with thr author in another store. i think he was on a book signing.

it’s damn cold in london. but it’s a nice place. i bought some local mead to ward of the nightly chill. andre was a baby and said it was too strong.