So I forgot to do something at work…I asked Mark to take a tube ride to Chancery Lane with me….

lights 008.jpg

We passed by Carnaby Road…..The lights dazzled me. So we took a little detour to see the Xmas decorations…

lights 002.jpg

lights 004.jpg

It also rained last night….we ended up doing dinner at ’57’….we were about to leave right after dinner but decided to linger over chianti and candle light…..we wanted to wait out the storm….

Oh…and before I forget….Andre and Louie visited Rome together….So Louie’s not too bummed about missing our last trip back to the boot.
092904big 213.jpg
We found them like this after our day of sight-seeing…..after housekeeping made up our beds….Italians have a sense of humor 🙂

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