only a few hours before we had to the tube to catch a train to Heathrow….so much to say….so much to show….and no more time….I’ll do my best….last blog from our flat…..we loved our flat so much….so damn easy to get around and quite cozy.

We decided to visit Cambridge on our last day in England. A bunch of royalty and smart people attended this university.

cambridge (22).jpg

cambridge (1).jpg
We had lunch at this pub….where Watson and Crick announced the whole DNA double helix stuff…


cambridge (27).jpg

cambridge (25).jpg
Here’s beautiful King’s Chapel…..inside King’s College.

cambridge (17).jpg
Here’s St. John’s College

punting (3).jpg
We decided to go punting on the River Cam

punting (7).jpg
Mark was inspired….and figured he could do it himself.

punting (13).jpg
Mark looked like a pro. I’m so proud of my honey.

punting (20).jpg

punting (31).jpg

punting (35).jpg

punting (26).jpg
Some people turned the punting into a demolition derby – they knocked their boats into the walls and into other boats….yeah…we got bumped a few times….

punting (30).jpg

punting (43).jpg

punting (41).jpg
And the birds were so damn agressive. This black one came right up to our boat….looking for handouts and sniffing in my bag. I screamed like a girl.

punting (51).jpg

I’m going to miss England….
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