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On Thursday – I went down to Leicester Square and found a cute little Christmas Carnival going on…I think this chap is supposed to be Charlie Chaplin….

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The grey statue is real. As in…a real human being….

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Leicester Square has a mess load of half-price ticket counters – so I picked up a cheap pair (22.50/each) for Chicago – for Thursday evening. If you want cheap tix – you have to buy them for that evening….I don’t think you can get cheap tix for future performances

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We had a blast at “Chicago”… London theaters – you can eat and drink in your seats…..and they still manage to keep everything clean. So…Mark bought some champagne for the second act.

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Last night….we thought it was snowing….so, I went home and changed out of my cute heels and into my sensible docs. I didn’t want to freeze to death or get hypothermia….all for the sake of fashion.

Then we walked out again…puzzled because it felt warm enough to be snow-free….then we noticed it was only snowing on one block…..I stuck my hand out and watched a “snowflake” plop in my palm….and dissolve like a soap bubble….wait a minute….it was a soap bubble! Just another stunt at one of clubs on the street we live.

Mark wanted to make sure I didn’t want to change back into my cute heels – since we were heading to another club…..I decided to keep my comfy shoes one. 🙂

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Had some Italian food….

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Went to Bar Rumba….great drum and bass….loud music and expensive drinks….and it was a decent crowd….the dancing kicked off around 11 or so….

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Found another drink specialty….the San Francisco….

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Then had a massive craving for hot dogs…..last week – I was looking for this guy after another night of bar hopping….and he was nowhere to be found….we track him down to Regents Street and satisifed my hot dog craving. It’s good business to have a hot dog cart for the late night party people….because you can’t get a bite to eat at any of the pubs or restaurants….they all close down so damn early.

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