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We took everyone to Greenwich….during Thanksgiving dinner, we thought it would be a good Saturday outing….except for Cub….sorry Cub! Cub had to work today….

Louie decided to come along.

He snuck behind Andre’s back.

Now here’s Louie’s story….

So, Mommy took us on the tube to Westminister Pier. We passed people busking. This girl sang opera…she was singing to Louie.

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This guy played Mack the Knife.

The boat ride was fun.

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Too many cameras. I tried them all.

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Plenty of pictures. I take good pictures. Probably better than Mommy.

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Now Louie needs a break. Taking pictures is hard work.

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Mommy writes more postcards.

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Greenwich is pretty.

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Louie’s now at the Royal Observatory. People take pictures at the Prime Merdian.

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Mommy likes taking pictures at the Prime Merdian…..

Now Louie’s in two hemispheres. Yeah, I look cool. You know it.

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Ok….now I want to go inside.

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Lunchtime at the Kings Arms. Mommy and everyone plays Trivia Pursuit while waiting for food….and then they kept playing.

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Louie has a drink.

Terri and Eileen have a drink.

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Then I finished their drink. Somebody has to do it.

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Then we left the pub…..nobody won the game…

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We went to the Greenwich Market.

Andrea buys a pretty shawl.

Louie wanted some fudge….but Mommy said I needed to go on a diet – too much booze going to my hips.

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I miss Hello Kitty. I asked Mommy when she could visit with Sara. She only shook her head.

Back in London
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Andre said it was an interesting story.

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