We went to church today…
This is the Westiminister Cathedral. It’s the headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church in London. It’s done up in a byzantine architectural style….it has a really cool alter…I’ll take a picture of that next week…

We went to Chinatown after mass.

We had yummy dim sum…for a prix fixe meal – it came out to about 25 pounds….it was filling….but we didn’t get the whole choose-from-a-cart experience. I think it’s because the dining area was too small to move a cart through….Still, I had my shrimp dumplings and all was good with the world.

Yesterday – we went to the British Museum….it was free to get in – but we donated 3 pounds to the upkeep….this place also takes euros as a donation…so I may toss those coins to the museum on my next visit

This is the reading room where a bunch of famous people hanged out…Charles Darwin, Charles Dickinson, WB Yeats and other writers…..Karl Marx brainstormed on communism stuff here…

Here’s some ancient Greek stuff that belongs in Greece…it’s from the Partheon….when I worked on my minor in Classical Civilization, I had many quizes, mid-terms and a final exam based on the works from the Partheon. I told Mark would be easier to study for the darn exams if I had these pieces in front of me…..it does not compare to the photocopy diagrams I studied from. One exam question was to identify the chick with the shawl: Hera, queen of the Gods and the God of marriage…the shawl was like a bride opening up to her husband, Zeus.

The British Museum did an awesome job saving these pieces from vandalism…

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