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Mommy decided to let me sleep in with Hello Kitty on Monday. We had our own Hello Kitty room inside Sara’s flat – it looks like a suitcase. It was cozy. Mommy said something about people at work not understanding a woman her age toting a bear like Louie around…..that sounded funnny.

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Mommy learned about the Velvet Revolution. This year marks the 15th anniversary. Something about rebelling against Communism.

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On Monday – Mommy and Markie and Sara make it to Prague Castle…finally.

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Prague Castle has a church.

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Prague Castle has a palace for Czech Princesses – Sara practices walking like one, with the lonely planet book balanced on her head.

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Markie and Sara try to read more about the Palace – but it’s all in Czech and that doesn’t help at all.

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Mommy and Markie had to go home on Monday night. I promised Hello Kitty I would write. I hope she writes back.

Markie knows Louie only takes a train, first class. Oh yeah….


Louie sleepy…

Louie dreams…

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