Prague was lovely. I miss Sara. I wish we could go back….we followed the legend’s instructions…we should be back someday.

We took Louie with us to Prague…met up with our Medill buddy Sara and she let us stay in here flat.

We figured Louie would be better adapted to the cold weather…in the 30s….and it snowed on Sunday and Monday. Louie’s from St. Louis and he grew-up with penguins…he knows about cold weather…

Here’s his story….

I studied up on Prague. Andre kept asking me where it was. I told him it was in Europe. He didn’t get it. Andre said to come back soon. I told Andre I left some Irish Meadows for him in the kitchen.

Mommy made a little boy shine her boots. She said it’s her first time getting her boots shined.

firstcontact (1).jpg
Met mommy’s friend Sara. Met Sara’s Hello Kitty. Sara said she’s a UNICEF ambassador. I thought she was a bit of a snob, at first. But a cute snob. That’s ok, because Louie’s a cute bear.

We sniffed each other out as Sara took Mommy and Markie out for dinner.

prahamoon (1).jpg
Sara took Mommy and Markie to Stare Mesto – the old town part of Prague.


snow (2).jpg

Markie likes tasting snow. I think it’s overrated…though it looks cool….’cause it’s white, like Louie.

snow (3).jpg
Sara likes snow….ALOT.

praha 045.jpg

Mommy found cheap food….she said this was about 5 bucks…or something.

Mommy and Markie play before eating….

Markie wins.

Mommy and Markie dry absinth….the book says “absinth is the deadliest spirit in the world.”



praha 034.jpg

praha 036.jpg


Then they went to a bar that dates back 1492….

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