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Lot’s of Xmas trees in central London – this one’s at Covent Gardens

Covent Garden is always crowded on Saturdays – but this place is cool to check out – even when we’re not really shopping…more like browsing…

londonxmas (7).jpg
Oh yeah, but we could always drop a few pounds on mulled wine. Yum.

londonxmas (10).jpg
We found this tree at Trafalgar Square…

londonxmas (11).jpg
Norway sent over – it’s a tradition that dates back to 1940-something…in thanks to the Brits for helping them out during the war….or something

londonxmas (13).jpg
Some idiot decided to toss some bread out into the square…all the rats-with-wings….I mean pigeons, attacked the area.

londonxmas (15).jpg
If you stay still – the pigeons will use you like a statue. This girl is from Poland….I asked her if she wanted me to take a picture with her camera…She said yes and then changed her mind when the pigeons started settling in on her arm for the long haul….I’m a bit glad she changed her mind.

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