Mommy searches for God in Prague

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Day 2….

Mommy tried to go to church on Sunday. But mass was at 8 AM……

I told Hello Kitty I’d meet her under the clock in Old Town. She said ok. So Mommy took me out for a walk in Prague while everybody else slept in.
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dobre den!

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Prague was lovely. I miss Sara. I wish we could go back….we followed the legend’s instructions…we should be back someday.

We took Louie with us to Prague…met up with our Medill buddy Sara and she let us stay in here flat.

We figured Louie would be better adapted to the cold weather…in the 30s….and it snowed on Sunday and Monday. Louie’s from St. Louis and he grew-up with penguins…he knows about cold weather…

Here’s his story….
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Some highlights from the Czech Republic

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tuesday 003.jpg

Just got back from Prague around midnight last night….It was beautiful, old-looking and cold. It was 50 degrees at London’s Stansted Airport….that felt like a heatwave…

I miss Prague.

tuesday 002.jpg
Louie has an adventure and meets a new friend…

tuesday 001.jpg
Hanging with Sara and drinking cheap beer…ok Mark and I drank the beer…Sara had diet coke…or something.

And I have more pix to post…later.

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working on a story…

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for somebody…doing a freelancer type of thing.

I found a few Americans in this crowd of Mac lovers….queueing for the new Apple store opening tomorrow….

apple 014.jpg
So, I interviewed the Americans and pitched to the Medill News Service….I may be able to get a byline out of this European experience.

apple 005.jpg
These American chaps have been here since yesterday. Hardcore Mac lovers, yah?

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A rainy night…

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So I forgot to do something at work…I asked Mark to take a tube ride to Chancery Lane with me….

lights 008.jpg

We passed by Carnaby Road…..The lights dazzled me. So we took a little detour to see the Xmas decorations…

lights 002.jpg
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Ok….we went to Florence this weekend…..

florence 010.jpg
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More interesting things from work…

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I got a kick out of watching this story from the Philippines – they now have a fast food restaurant that serves only spam dishes….yummy. I hope you can have a side order of rice.

Arafat was buried today ….our newsroom carried the videos live fore several stations – from CNN to Sky News.

My producer top-lined me and said I should drop what I was doing in the edit bays…

I ended up in the middle of the newsroom – surrounded by the sounds and images of grieving and chaos in Ramallah. it was incredible.
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More fun things from last weekend…

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We went clubbing on Friday night….the Hippedrome… was 15 pounds to get in….it was expensive – but at least it had some great music….the Brits don’t really get funky on the dance floor – but then again – some folks in bay area clubs need to stay off the caffeine….

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my job: sit down and watch tv

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Mark: “I am not your helper monkey….”
Oh but wait…today I am….it’s ok….I’m a willing monkey today. In order to help other producers practice hard-hitting journalism – I had the task of reviewing the nominations for the greatest hits of the past year….for a year-end compilation….

I got to review the very cool and wacky features for the life and leisure section – to sum up it in three words: the wierd, the cute and the gross…
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More pix from Covent Gardens…

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Mark and I both wanted to visit this open air/indoor market and walk in the footsteps of Eliza Doolittle…

Audrey Hepburn was so wonderful in My Fair Lady….It’s a shame that the rest of the entertainment community was so set against her for taking the role. Everyone wanted Julie Andrews to reprise her role as Eliza after her performance on Broadway….according to the bio-books I’ve read, Hepburn worked on her singing voice for several months – but the director decided to bring in a professional and so…she had to Britney-Spears it aka Hepburn had to lip-synch her tunes…
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