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After Swords – we dropped my bear back at the hotel room….and headed out to Dublin City Centre……it took a damn long time to get there. Apparently, everyone drives in this country. The day before – it took three hours to travel 14 miles – on one extremely crowded highway.

So – despite the nice bus drivers – public transportation into Dublin sucked-ass. It sucked real bad.

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We hit one pub in Dublin…..Eileen wanted something with chocolate….but they ran out – so no mocha or hot coco for Eileen.

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Here’s Terri and Mick….Mick is darn cool…..He met us at the airport with his wife….then they decided to pick up the check on our rooms….Mick is damn cool – need to get a cool Yankee present for Mick.

So – we did what the sign said….

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Then we got hungry. Ok – we are eating at an American Diner….with burgers that tasted better than McD’s…..hang on – everything closes up at 11:30 in Dublin. We headed back to Swords….and all the pubs were open but not serving food. So we stopped at Eddy Rockets – warm, friendly and serving big burgers at 11:00 PM. We loved this place. This is my first burger since 4 July – back when my tummy protested the quarter lb-er with cheese from McD’s….scary.

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