we live here….

located on this street…
just off Rue Sainte Martin…

il ne faut pas retournez de votre maisons, mais vous ne pouvez pas rester ici…
…people like to party on this street…we can hear them around 4:00 AM…

It’s a ten-fifteen minute walk from Norte Dame. Today, we attended the 11:00 Mass.

this is Mark’s first visit to Norte Dame.

it’s been more than a decade since I last visited Norte Dame. I remember being stuck on a tour of the cathedral…I remember watching a mass and longing to be a part of the communion….there’s something amazing about listening to Mass in another langauge. (granted for the international mass – a few parts were conducted in English, Spanish and Italian). It speaks directly to the heart.

The choir performed beautifully the Kryie and the Sanctus. I’m happy we could take part in the majesty of Norte Dame as worshippers and not simply tourists.


this nice shot….
nortredame_big 004.jpg

is off this street…
nortredame_big 005.jpg

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