Russian Beer

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In St. Petersburg, I had issues ordering vodka.

At a cafe near my hotel, I told the server I wanted to sample their vodka. She looked horrified and said she didn’t understand English. I thought this was odd since we managed to go through my orders for an appetizer, dinner entree and a cocktail.

“So sorry,” she said, refusing to offer any selections on what some people call Russia’s national drink. I gave up and asked for the bill.

Moon over St. Petersburg
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Bear in Historic Heart

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ST. PETERSBURG – “We don’t have bears in Russia,” said one of my students.

Fair enough. So, I brought my own world-weary bears to St. Petersburg. This time, Andre had a chance to check out the sights and sounds of the Historic Heart.

I had some free time before my classes, so we did our own walking tour over the Neva River. Now Andre wants to share his thoughts on our excursion.

Andre by the Strelka
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Lacing up running shoes

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ST. PETERSBURG – I ran into a sea of white t-shirts after my Saturday morning class. Young walkers and runners told me this was a 10 K event for St. Petersburg women.

Women's 10 K

Hundreds of women, teens and kids hit the streets around the Neva river. Some cheered, sang and others were focused on running. It was fun to interview some of the ladies participating in the event.

Also – I’m a little annoyed that I left my running shoes behind in the States.

Download: KVP wrap on Women’s 10 K
Download: Raw Video of Women’s 10 K

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Peter, Paul and Louie

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ST. PETERSBURG – Sometimes, pay back can be a bear. As you can see, Louie wanted to make sure he had a chance to do some sightseeing in St. Petersburg.

Pay Back

It took my bears a few days to get over the jet lag. I think by the middle of the week, they were going stir-crazy in the hotel room.
Louie ready to check out St. Petersburg

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Beyond Zayachy Island

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ST. PETERSBURG – These cute Russian dogs are making me a little homesick for my baby back in Cow Town. On my first night in St. Petersburg, we met this shaggy pooch along the banks of Zayachy Island. He was hanging out with fishermen hunting for dinner near the Neva River.

Pavel, one of my university host, said I should probably avoid any of the fish caught from the Neva River. He mentioned something about river pollution. Good to know.

Passing reproductions from the Russian Museum
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ST. PETERSBURG – I survived a 17-hour flight and checked into my hotel on the Petrogradsky Island.

Today, I played tourist with the help of my hosts from St. Petersburg State University. They gave me a driving and walking tour of the campus as well as the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and other art highlights of the Historic Heart district.


On Monday, I teach my first journalism class. Good times.

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