The Good, Bad and Perro

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BARCELONA – Time for the mad dash for souvenirs and packing. We have less than 24 hours in this delightful city in Catalonia. Overnight rain washed away the sticky humidity lingering in the air.

The Good…
I enjoyed our day trip out of Barcelona to Montserrat. It’s home to a Benedictine monastery and the “Black Madonna.”

The view from up here is stunning. We took a cable car up to the main level, home to the Basilica and museum.
I listened to an organ player rehearsing inside the Basilica as tourists snapped away at the religious icons.

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Music by Holy Ground

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BARCELONA – I covered up my shoulders when we visited the city’s cathedral. Then my cell phone started ringing.

Major tourist faux pas!


The view on top of St. Esgl├ęsia Cathedral Basilica is amazing!
#kvpspain : Amazing view from #barcelona cathedral #fb

I also loved the violin music outside of the church.

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