Music at the Metro

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ST. PETERSBURG – I wrapped up my day at the Russian Museum and a Russian brewery in Historic Heart. The Metro ride protected me from the evening rain storm.

And, the Metro offered me a lovely concert as well. I paused for this lovely trio playing beautiful music at the Sportivnaya Metro.

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Memories Posted on Facebook.

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Craving exotic flavors…like this Moroccan lunch in Paris.

I got wrapped up in our Eurotrip from 2 years ago…So I started a
Facebook album. I also added our Europtrip to my Trips application on Facebook.

I suppose I’m stuck on these memories since I’m getting ready to leave Kansas. We’re taking another road trip West – towards home and my new job.

Some day, we’ll head back to Europe.

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Eurotrip Moves On…

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Well, we haven’t had a chance to return to Europe…yet…
But this blog has moved on to better times and places with WordPress.

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working on a story…

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for somebody…doing a freelancer type of thing.

I found a few Americans in this crowd of Mac lovers….queueing for the new Apple store opening tomorrow….

apple 014.jpg
So, I interviewed the Americans and pitched to the Medill News Service….I may be able to get a byline out of this European experience.

apple 005.jpg
These American chaps have been here since yesterday. Hardcore Mac lovers, yah?

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