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there are some damn cute dogs in Paris…

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Ecole Militare…

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The first dinner for global journalism students was at La Terrasse on Sunday night.

(if you haven’t noticed…this photoblog tends to wander on a timeline of its own….it’s not linear….hahaha…for a moment, I forgot how to spell linear…the bailey’s is getting to my head…)

Medill Fashionplates: Akua, Sara, Monica and me.
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sipping a latte….

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[from http://eurotrip.andreajames.net]

it looks romantic, non? yeah…my 4 EURO latte….

which converts to $4.98 for a latte….eeck!

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after our global meeting….

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Mark and I walked to the Tour Effiel….it was ten minute walk away from the Ecole Militarie. I met with the rest of my classmates for a welcome dinner at La Terresa. My prof said last quarter’s global students were lushes. So for our quarter, they set a $200 maximum drinking cap. I managed to order bailey’s on the rocks and kir royale in French…this is what my Northwestern tutition is covering – drinks and a french dinner of poulet et frites…


I love this camera….it’s our baby….our first major electronic joint purchase…we’re going to be a happily married couple 🙂

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Sunday in Paris…

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we live here….

located on this street…
just off Rue Sainte Martin…

il ne faut pas retournez de votre maisons, mais vous ne pouvez pas rester ici…
…people like to party on this street…we can hear them around 4:00 AM…

It’s a ten-fifteen minute walk from Norte Dame. Today, we attended the 11:00 Mass.
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we made it to paris…

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got in yesterday
081004 113.jpg
This is from the Arland Airport in Stockholm…

081004 114.jpg
Here’s me trying to stay awake before boardering the connecting flight to Paris.
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