September 3 – September 18, 2010: I am working as a guest lecturer for the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University. My class covers Modern Internet Television Techniques. My students are smart and curious about how we do news in the States.


Outside of the classroom, I am playing with three cameras and other gadgets in Peter’s so called “Window to Europe.” I’m sampling Russian cuisine and exploring the city’s art, music and icons.

With all these cameras, who knows? Maybe you’ll see some of the Eurotrip photos and videos on TV.

This photoblog has evolved from my last trip to Europe. Here’s the original “About” page notes.
Vatican City and Rome

Fall 2004 — I moved to London for a residency with Reuters TV. It was all arranged by our global journalism program at Medill. I had a blast bopping around Europe with the love of my life….and we took a lot of pictures.