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ST. PETERSBURG – I’ve been able to snap some photos of myself in St. Petersburg thanks to my Russian hosts and my translator, Shuana. It’s just darn awkward when I attempt to frame up a photo of my face all by myself. I’m grateful to have another human being who can shoot a decent picture.

The other day, Shuana introduced me to Nevsky Propsekt. This busy street has an eclectic mix of classic buildings like the Kazan Cathedral and modern, high-end shopping areas.

Armenian Church Of St Catherine

A British tourist heard us talking in English. I was able to give her directions to the Armenian Church Of St Catherine. We passed it about 15 minutes earlier. I told her to look for the bright blue building.

Shuana wanted to make sure I sampled Russian food. She said Teremok was quite popular with the locals. We sampled caviar and salmon blinis. She said I should try the Kvas. She described it as a bread-based drink. It was sweet, with a clean aftertaste that’s similar to ginger. I liked it. Teremok is a national fast-food chain that was recommended by my hubby’s Russian co-worker, the Lonely Planet Guide and the New York Times. Everyone raved about the freshly made blinis and Teremok lived up to its reputation.

From this spot, you can see the Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood in the distance.

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  1. RV Says:

    nice pictures. All the buildings are old.

  2. Kris Says:

    Some of the buildings are new…like my hotel. And some of the stores are totally modern businesses.

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