One last swinging night in London….

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We left Cambridge and met Andrea, Matt (had a residency in Dublin) and Andrea’s friend Sammantha at Leicester Square…..for Mark and me…it was our last night in London….we had an early flight…we didn’t finish packing….but somehow – it seemed right to do dinner, swings and pix with the gang – one last time.

We flew back to the States on Dec. 12 – we had about 2 hours of sleep….I got sick thanks to the crazy kids running around the plane….little children have germs – especially the loud and naughty ones.

We figured it was a good idea to take advantage of the rides – before dinner….didn’t want to get sick while spinning around on these things.

Ok – and for some reason – it seemed like a good idea to whip out my camera as the ride whipped around and snap some pix of my friends….i’m lucky I didn’t drop our baby. I had our canon in an iron-like grip. I’m amazed these pix came out.

We had dinner at some Italian place….I can’t believe they ran out of lemoncella….for some reason, the waitresses didn’t understand I was ordering this sweet shot for desert. Dinner was lovely.

I miss London.

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  1. Faith Says:

    Kris you might miss London, but I know for a fact your entire family is glad you are back at home. They missed you dearly. Faith

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