Late night in London….

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afterthanksgiving (7).jpg

We went to dinner at the Lord of the Moon Pub on Whitehall – dinner was nice and cheap. We did the touristy stuff….took the touristy pix.


afterthanksgiving (1).jpg

We headed over to Callaghan’s for drinks….a weird Italian guy wouldn’t leave us alone 😛

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The weird Italian guy drank budweiser 😛 He said he would leave and say good-bye to his friends….then he wanted to buy us drinks, after ten minutes. At least three of us figured we should go before he gets back. He drinks budweiser 😛

afterthanksgiving (3).jpg

Madonna’s Vogue…..“let your body move to the music.”

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Then a cover band played some nice tunes by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coldplay and more….

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