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for somebody…doing a freelancer type of thing.

I found a few Americans in this crowd of Mac lovers….queueing for the new Apple store opening tomorrow….

apple 014.jpg
So, I interviewed the Americans and pitched to the Medill News Service….I may be able to get a byline out of this European experience.

apple 005.jpg
These American chaps have been here since yesterday. Hardcore Mac lovers, yah?


  1. vkdir Says:

    Can’t get Americans to vote for a decent presidential candidate but you sure can get them to shop, no?

  2. RDV Says:

    Brings back memory of those democrats standing in line for at least 12 hours just to get a glimpse of Bill Clinton and had his book signed. Americans are basically fanatics. By the way, Bill’s library just opened at Arkansas, pretty impressive…I like your story for the Herald.

  3. OneOfTheYanks Says:

    Hows it going? Well 50 million people did go wrong in our election. I for one did not want to see “W” get in for another term. I have started learning “O’ Canada” from start to finish.

    btw… I am the one standing in front of the tent.



  4. Faith Says:

    George Bush would not have won if they would have waited on absentee ballots. I donít care what anyone says. Perhaps that is my wishful thinking. The sad thing is that the news channels including CNN made John Kerry out to be the worst man on earth. The news channels are all Republican, with the exception of MSNBC. They at least seem to say it like it is as the old adage goes. If it were not for my well educated boyfriend, I wouldnít have been interested in finding the truth after I was told that John Kerry insulted the American troops. That isnít what John Kerry did, but I was one of the fortunate ones that have a boyfriend that could inform me of the true statements that John Kerry had stated. You see I am outnumbered here in Nashville, TN. I am not only Catholic, but a registered democrat. Unfortunately my vote and that of my entire county didnít count. The rest of this state is extremely conservative and Republican. Great job Kris on the byline, we are very happy for you. Andre has to wait to meet someone in December by the way, and I hope Louie had a great time meeting his new friend. LOL

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