Movies and Xmas lights…

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110504big 007.jpg

On Election Night – I did a shoot at this Premiere…

110504big 006.jpg

Ok…no pix with the stars…simply because I was doing the field producing thing…and it just didn’t look professional….but now that I think about it…professional be damned. I should have whipped out my Cannon and snapped some pix of 007….but he was a nice enough guy during my 2 minute interview.

He voted for Kerry.

110504big 031.jpg

Regent Street lit up with Xmas spirit this week. We saw it after heading to SoHo for dinner and tried to drown our election blues with a bottle of shiraz. It made the night seem magical….and it filled me with this sense of hope for the coming Christmas season.

110504big 014.jpg
It’s like Reno…or even better…Viva Las Vegas!

And Mark took this lovely pix of a moonlit street.
110504big 025.jpg

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  1. Andrea Says:

    WOW…I love these photos Kris and Mark! Kudos to you and your baby (the camera.)

    Love AJ

    PS: See you at the Oxo Tower. 😉

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