Dia duit

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dublin 028.jpg
Here are some highlights from our quick trip to Dublin, Ireland…..that’s a stain glass window from a bar in Dublin, Ireland…..

dublin 085.jpg
Andre visits a castle in Dublin, Ireland.

dublin 152.jpg
And we get into a little Christmas cheer on some of the cute streets in Dublin, Ireland.

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Checking out the competition….

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Andrea invited us over to Bloomberg…..I had to say I’m a reporter for the Independent…..we were warned not to utter the ‘R’ word.

bloomberg (1).jpg

Bloomberg likes to think big.

Oh yeah….I’m not suppose to take pictures at Bloomberg.

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Louie goes to Greenwich.

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begingreenwich (2).jpg
We took everyone to Greenwich….during Thanksgiving dinner, we thought it would be a good Saturday outing….except for Cub….sorry Cub! Cub had to work today….

Louie decided to come along.

He snuck behind Andre’s back.
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Late night in London….

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afterthanksgiving (7).jpg

We went to dinner at the Lord of the Moon Pub on Whitehall – dinner was nice and cheap. We did the touristy stuff….took the touristy pix.


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ok…apparently this blog is going to the bears…

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Andre…has an admirer….

Except she’s in the States.

I’m not even sure if Andre’s ready to date….he has issues about never growing up….kinda like Peter Pan….

maybe I should take more pix of humans

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Dinner is served…

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dinner 005.jpg

It’s good to have family and friends on Thanksgiving….and it’s sad the Brits don’t have a celebration like Thanksgiving…
dinner 006.jpg

and in the meantime…the bears said they already ate…

dinner 001.jpg
Louie and Andre wanted to check my blog. They wanted to make sure that Mommy was telling their stories right.

dinner 002.jpg
And Andre had some Matrix thing going on….

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Turkey Day

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turkey 001.jpg
Mark’s mom and cousin checked out our neighborhood last night….love the lights and sounds….Mark’s mom thought it looked like Times Square….

turkey 004.jpg
Mark went out with family to the store and found turkeys….we will have turkey for Thanksgiving….

turkey 006.jpg


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Last Day in Prague

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remember (1).jpg
Mommy decided to let me sleep in with Hello Kitty on Monday. We had our own Hello Kitty room inside Sara’s flat – it looks like a suitcase. It was cozy. Mommy said something about people at work not understanding a woman her age toting a bear like Louie around…..that sounded funnny.

remember (2).jpg
Mommy learned about the Velvet Revolution. This year marks the 15th anniversary. Something about rebelling against Communism.

castle (10).jpg
On Monday – Mommy and Markie and Sara make it to Prague Castle…finally.
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Sunny Prague

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day 2 – continued…
Sunny Prague turned into snowing Prague…by the afternoon…..Louie had my bag to keep him warm…Hello Kitty had Sara.


After coffee – Sara wanted to take us to the Prague Castle….but Mommy and Markie pointed out that Prague Castle was in the other direction….
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heart to heart

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Day 2…continued

praha 137.jpg
We took Hello Kitty and Louie around the Stare Mesto.

Hello Kitty says hi to her people….
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