Grey Saturday, Sunny Sunday

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This weekend, we took a boat trip to Greenwich. It’s a lovely way to see London….everyday, I hop on the Tube to get to work. You tend to miss things, like scenery. Occasionally, we get “buskers” entertaining us in the Tube hallways. I remember grooving to a rousing rendition of “American Pie” in the Tube.

So, boat trip to Greenwich….still part of London. It’s a 50 minute boat ride past the Tate Modern, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and more.

This is from the Tower of London – you can’t see this from the river bank….only from the Thames.


Here’s a nice pix my honey took of me…standing over the Prime Meridian of the World (0� longitude)…it’s at the Royal Observatory

The world time is set Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This line (it’s tough to see on a grey day) is where the Eastern Hemisphere meets the Western Hemisphere.
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