My date with Jude Law…

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thanks to the folks for the sweet words on Andre…for the other sickos who tried to comment…get a life.

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Yesterday, at Reuters, the showbiz dude said: “Hey Kris, I have an extra press pass for the Alfie premiere, do you want to go?”

I said yes….

The premiere was at Leicester Square…it was packed with screaming fans and media. My little press pass got me into the “pen”.

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Jude and his posse took their sweet sweet time to perform their “Vespers” – parading for the crowd and signing autographers…Reuters got up close and personal with “Alfie”, the director, Sienna, Nia Long and the secretary from Ally McBeal.

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I know whipping out my little Elph is not the most professional thing to do, but hey, I’m only young once….might as well.
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