No rain!

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We went to church today…
This is the Westiminister Cathedral. It’s the headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church in London. It’s done up in a byzantine architectural style….it has a really cool alter…I’ll take a picture of that next week…

We went to Chinatown after mass.

We had yummy dim sum…for a prix fixe meal – it came out to about 25 pounds….it was filling….but we didn’t get the whole choose-from-a-cart experience. I think it’s because the dining area was too small to move a cart through….Still, I had my shrimp dumplings and all was good with the world.

Yesterday – we went to the British Museum….it was free to get in – but we donated 3 pounds to the upkeep….this place also takes euros as a donation…so I may toss those coins to the museum on my next visit
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