On the street where we live….

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This is Regent Street…it’s about a block away from our ground floor flat…

We’re a five minute walk away from Picadilly Circus….My dad reminded me we visited this touristy part of town, more than ten years ago…It looks different…I didn’t remember seeing Virgn Record Stores, Burger King, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut around the Eros statue.

Still…we love taking pix by this thing 🙂

I think they’re trying to making Picadilly Circus like NY’s Time square…but it’s not as dirty or crowded…

Hey…since Andrea’s here….I picked/borrowed some pix of Mark from her blog

Doesn’t Mark look adorable?

I posted these pix first on the Medill Blog

This is the ITN building. Reuters is located inside. I take the tube and do a ten minute walk to work almost everyday.

It’s expensive to eat in London. I head to this outdoor market for lunch…it’s about a few blocks away from Reuters. I try to find a meal for under 5 pounds….I also have to resist taking advantage of all the fab clothing deals – jeans for 5 pounds and hip little clubbing outfits for 1 pound….


  1. Andrea Says:

    Great pix Kris! And don’t forget to steal the photo of Mark in the phonebooth off my blog! I like that one a lot too. =)

    What’s this about 5 jeans!? You are so showing me that place.

    SOOOO glad you guys are here with me in London…see ya soon.

  2. anjie balois Says:

    Great i enjoyed looking at your picture you and Mark look good together keep up the good work!!!

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