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We found this cute place by Les Halles….off the Boulevard de Sebastpol.

Tasty kafta sandwiches…my new favorite fast food…Last night, we found a Lebanese stand that sold kafta to go. Yummy.

We also had some hookah loving – 7 Euros for the hit….and it lasted a few hours. My first hookah.


Mark said his Berkeley roomies were connoisseurs of hookah smoking. They did it every night….He said the hookah was more or less all natural tobacco….with infused flavors. At the Isis Cafe, we had the cherry flavor.

It’s a smooth flavor and it leaves you light-headed. Earlier that evening…I was annoyed at my back and some other things…can’t remember….


Mark taught me how to inhale like the French – so the smoke would exhale through my nose…he also had some sweet smoke rings going on.

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  1. rdv Says:

    hope this will not lead to emphysema…

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