we made it to paris…

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got in yesterday
081004 113.jpg
This is from the Arland Airport in Stockholm…

081004 114.jpg
Here’s me trying to stay awake before boardering the connecting flight to Paris.

we had our first rain fall…..thank heavens I didn’t head out with my light skirt…

the studio in the Beaubourg district is cute….in the middle of everything…and it leaks..

Now the sun is out…


We met up with some Medill folks…hit a Chinoise restuarant and later a cafe…trying to stay up and get use to the time change…

Akua sipping some cafe…we suspected we ticked off the French waiter…for the most part, everyone seems nice when we try to speak French. Mark and I have started saying “Time to masacre the French language…” when we leave the apartment..

Akua is going to South Africa. Will is heading to Australia – the first photojournalism assignment there.

I visited Paris a decade ago with my family. It’s still amazing and enchanting, especially since I’m with my fiancee.


  1. rdv Says:

    We enjoyed the photoblog,please continue and have fun in exploring Europe and take care.
    Love you guys.

  2. Oly Says:

    …and, as the photo shows, would your fiance be Will Sullivan?

  3. kris Says:

    Oly – dude no….below…the caption goes with the picture below!

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